Your Wedding video.

The trailer for your lifetime together.

Your wedding is a special day that’s full of memories. In fact, there’s so much going on that some moments will simply pass you by. More specifically, we’re talking about what’s happening away the spotlight, going almost completely unnoticed. Beyond the unforgettable events from the occasion, your wedding is also nuanced by all those smaller details that carry a certain understated tenderness. To capture everything from the day, we usually rely on photos. Yet it can be hard for still images to pick up on these intricacies with the subtlety required. How much can a photo truly replicate the emotions from these moments?


Just like your wedding, life is so much more than what a still image can capture. It’s always in motion, as when the couple walks down the aisle, exchanges rings and leaves the church to a cheering crowd. And while photos may look nice in twenty years’ time, they won’t be able to fully convey the experiences from the day with true authenticity. That’s because any motion – the excitement, the easing tension, the joy – simply cannot be captured in photos. 


Your wedding video tells your story and goes way beyond the actual day itself. It’s more than a simple reminder, as video stirs those emotions you felt on the day like no other medium can. Your wedding film keeps the most wonderful moments from your day alive forever, creating a memento that can be enjoyed by generations to come. Who knows, rewatches could even become an annual ritual on your anniversary!


If you’re truly interested in capturing every moment from this most unforgettable of occasions, you’ll be needing more than moving pictures — it’s all about having pictures that move.


As the wedding videographer, I’ll be quietly observing in the background and remaining true to your special day with a high quality cinematic production. The result: an authentic, detail-oriented film that perfectly encapsulates the mood and emotions from your big day.


A wedding video is something for everyone who was there. Foreveryone who couldn’t make it.

But most importantly: for you.

Firu+Björn Wedding Video Teaser