Location: Pilsumer-Leuchtturm │Emdem - Germany │

"Dear Hanns, you really surprised us with your video.

When we where watching the film, we ask ourselves, at what moment did he filmed that?

There is no need to worry about that a videographer could disrupt or interrupt our wedding.

While planning our wedding, we consciously focused on what is important for us, and we wanted an unforgettable memory for us and our children. And that's what you created for us with your video. Not only are we impressed, but also a lot of our friends and acquaintances. With our video we were able to convince many couples to also get a wedding videographer.


Everyone liked your personality and our children weren't shy at all with you around.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! "

Firzuan und Björn


Location: The White Barn │Berlin - Germany │

We booked Hanns for our wedding on 2021. Initially, we did not know whether we really need a videographer, but Hanns had quickly convinced us with his style and also with the teasers on his website. We had him with us for two days and he responded to our every wish we had. When we got our video, we were overwhelmed. Everyone who has seen the video so far was amazed and there were not a dry eyes in the house. You keep re-watching the video and it never gets boring. We have so much respect for how he edited the perfect moments together.


Hanns has been by far the best investment of the entire wedding - both human and technical!

Julia und Jana



Location: Castell de Ben Viure │Barcelona - Spain │



Location: Bruchköbel - Germany

"We have no words, you captured our wedding so incredibly beautifully in a way that we can re-experience this day again and again.


We are very happy about the great film and are very excited to show it to our family and friends Thank you for having been there and for supporting us. It was very special for us to get to know you! You are a super charming person and have enriched our wedding. "

Hanna und Benny



Location: La Beaumetane Chateau en provence │Marseille - France │

"Working with Hanns before, during and after our wedding was an absolute delight.

From the very first get-together meeting to discuss ideas and vision, his calm mannerism was such a lovely antidote to our (my) jiggery nerves. When it comes to weddings one always wants everything to be perfect, naturally. 


Meeting Hanns (even before in person and only online) we knew we were in the hands of a real pro! His website, his credentials and his work in general had already convinced us within seconds.

Having Hanns at our wedding made the ultimate difference. Now, more than three months after the wedding itself, set in beautiful Marseille, South of France, his video brings tears to both me and my husband Kyle. It was so wonderful to relive the day(s). It isn’t the slightest too romantic or too corny, which was very important for us for everything relating to our wedding. 

It is… just perfect.


It is (apart from the ring on our fingers) the ultimate souvenir from that weekend.

We cannot believe we didn’t make booking him in the first place, the outmost priority. Looking back now we have wonderful pictures. But seeing us, hearing us exchange our vows on video is truly priceless. And seeing everybody else at the same time. How he captured the day, the art of his editing is just divine and we feel like we are the heroes of our own hollywood production… Thanks to Hanns we are.


His working ethics are out of this world: his attention to detail, his planning in advance, making sure he gets all the shots he needs. On the day he was more discrete than a mouse. I think I was aware of his presence maybe once or twice. And as the day passed what felt like 3 seconds - thanks to Hanns’ outmost beautiful film we get to relive it now was often as we want.


We thank Hanns from the bottom of our hearts for this truly magnificent piece of work.

It makes all the difference not only for us, but also for our friends and family."

Jois and Kyle



Location: Berlin - Germany //

""Dear Hanns,Thank you so much for capturing every second of our wedding and expertly producing a wonderful video. We were initially skeptical about needing a videographer, but it turned out to be our best decision, especially opting for you. In our eyes, you are a true artist who also happens to be a really nice and authentic guy.  Thank you so much for the great memories!"

Bernadette und Kevin



Location: Schorfheide am Werbellinsee - Germany //

"Dear Hanns, You’ve done a brilliant job; this is simply the best memento from our most special of days! We keep on watching the video and cannot hide our delight, as it keeps on stirring the emotions from the day.With so much loving attention to detail, you’ve managed to perfectly encapsulate the day. Fantastic!!"

Antonia und Christopher