Why should we hire a videographer for our wedding when we’re already intending to book a wedding photographer?

I’ll answer your question with one of my own: Why do people like watching films so much? Why do they love going to the movies, and why do so many people cry tears of joy or sadness when they watch a film? The answer is that films and music get under our skin and leave a mark on us. Photos are great, but they rarely stir us to tears of joy. ;-)


Imagine how it’ll be rewatching your own wedding video in five or ten years’ time. You can relive everything from the day, listen to the speeches from your nearest and dearest, experience all the emotions one more time – as if your wedding were just yesterday. Consider this: what would you give to be able to watch your own parents’ wedding day from 20 or 30 years ago? Your mom’s wedding dress, your dad’s suit. And imagine being able to watch recordings of your parents beaming with joy and looking into each other’s tear-filled eyes while listening to them exchanging vows and saying “I do”! This is exactly what future generations could be doing one day. ;-) Memories like these are simply priceless. And this is where a wedding film comes in: the most valuable memories from one of the most wonderful and important days of your life – captured on video forever!

Let’s say we hire you as our wedding videographer – what do we get from you? 

The total wedding video package includes:

1x highlight video of your wedding:

  • approx. 5 minutes long​

  • contains the highlights from your wedding day

  • The focus is on the married couple

  • This shortened version is perfect for sharing with friends or family online and particularly with people who may not have been invited to the wedding (who you don’t want to “bore” with too many details) 

1x long version of your wedding:

  • approx. 20 minutes long​

  • contains the best shots of the events from your wedding day, shots of the couple, the wedding party, the location, the wedding speeches and much more

  • This longer version is usually intended for those who attended the wedding ceremony and can be seen in the video. For example, you can send this version to your wedding guests with a thank-you card.

You’ll receive both versions of the wedding film in HD on a USB stick.

How long does it take to receive our wedding video from you?

The post-production for your wedding film obviously takes a bit of time, especially since I’ll be preparing two versions for you that’ll require color and audio correction work after the edit. If the video also includes excerpts from wedding speeches, production will take a little bit longer. In total, it will normally take four to six weeks. At peak times (May to September), it may even take up to eight weeks.

We’re getting married outside of Berlin and are even considering having our wedding abroad. Would you also be willing to travel for our wedding? 

Yes, of course! I’d be happy to travel anywhere for your wedding! Whether it’s a city in Germany, Europe or worldwide, I’m happy to go where I’m needed! The only thing that needs to be considered is the travel and accommodation costs which will be added on top of the total package price.

Do you have a drone? If so, can this also be used at any wedding? 


While I do have a drone and am happy to use it, unfortunately it isn’t always possible at every wedding location. Sometimes, this has nothing to do with the event location, but the fact that it’s not permissible to fly drones in some areas (especially near airports, hospitals etc.).

If you’d like a drone to be used at your wedding, you first need to obtain written approval from the location in question and Deutsche Flugsicherung (German air traffic control) for areas where this is not normally allowed.

Are we allowed to submit music requests for our wedding video?  

Please be aware that I choose the music for your video, since the selection needs to be suitable for each individual wedding; I take great care finding music that matches the footage and produces a nice finished edit. I always use classic and timeless music for your wedding films.

Are we allowed to make suggestions for the wedding video or ask to have things changed for the final video? 

If you have any specific requests (for example, certain guests should appear more or less in the film; certain moments need to be included or not appear in the final film), I’m happy to accept them before, during or, at the latest, one day after the wedding.

Regarding changes to the final video, please be aware that customers’ requests are not considered to be binding instructions (except for when certain scenes are to be deleted). Of course, I’ll make every effort to take your requests into consideration, provided that they can be implemented and fit the overall concept.